We’re off to Northern California for the weekend to celebrate my little sister’s wedding!  She’s marrying her longtime boyfriend, Lyle, an amazing metalworker and artist (find his work on Etsy HERE).  It will be a very low-key ceremony in a meadow, with a beautifully written ceremony and deeply personal vows (Melissa is a poet).  My sister has been amazing about keeping the focus where it should be.  In an online world filled with incredible visual wedding blogs, it can be so easy to get caught up in the good-better-best game of styling a wedding, and I’ve been so impressed by my sister’s ability to make beautiful but simple choices for all the elements of her wedding.  I called her the other day, and she was out in the garden, spending time taking care of her plants.  How many brides can say that a week before their wedding, they still had time to do the little things they love?  I’m sure she feels nervous and excited and all the other things brides feel before their big day, but I think she is clear-headed about the true purpose and intention behind her wedding day—she’s committing to the person she loves.  And I can’t wait to be there to watch her do just that. xoxo