Today is my sister’s wedding day. 

She won’t see this post until after her honeymoon, but I want it to be a little surprise for her when she does eventually visit, to know I was thinking of her today with love and joy in my heart. 

She chose a good, creative, loving spirit in Lyle, and I wish them so much happiness in their life together!!

A small handful of the many things I love about my sister:Her honestly of soul and personal truth

The connection she feels to the natural world

Her quest for deeper expression in her writing and her everyday life

The moments when lightness surprises her and she laughs without constraintHer loyalty to the people she lovesHow excited she is to be an auntie to Finn

The thought and care she gives to the things that are important to her loved ones

Her constant quest to live an aware and authentic lifeLyle is a lucky man to be marrying my beautiful little sister. I am so very very happy to celebrate with them this weekend!