So this week I’m taking on Emily Henderson’s Pinterest design challenge.  (If you don’t know what Pinterest is, click my button over there to the right to find out.) 

Basically, the idea is to take inspiration from an image on Pinterest and actually makeover something in your home by next week. 

I’m tackling the shelves in my living room. 

Here’s my inspiration image:

And here are my shelves in their current state:


For the upgrade, I’m picturing a pale blue background (maybe the seaglass color ‘dewy’ from the nursery), carefully curated objects, some small hanging frames, pops of orange, a couple vases for flowers—and all the same books MUST still fit here. All the plays and scripts live downstairs, but classic novels, design books, how-to and baby tomes need to live on these shelves, without looking like a messy hodgepodge. 

It’s not a huge project—I mean, I’m not ripping out any walls or renovating my entire kitchen, but the shelves are an adventure in styling that I’ve been dying to tackle for a while now. 

The Pinterest challenge provides me with the perfect excuse!Check back next week for the results!