Last weekend I had a fabulous visit with my parents, and I realized that one of my favorite things about my family is how much we enjoy making and eating a good meal together. This tradition is especially great in the summer, when we can take advantage of all the amazing produce we receive in southern California!

I love visiting local farmer’s markets with my parents to choose the best veggies for our dinner that night. I picked up one of these uber-healthy smoothies to help fight off the mid-day heat.

I can’t say that it was the tastiest thing I’d ever had, but the energizing thought of all the vitamins in there helped me make quick work of it. 

These flowers smelled amaaaazing! Of course I can’t remember what they’re called… anyone?

A bushel of teensy tomatoes… (Hmmm, can one use ‘bushel’ to describe anything other than apples? Not sure. I’m doing it anyway. Cuz I’m a rebel like that.)

And finally, here is the dress I picked up at our swap!

I’ve actually been wearing it pretty much nonstop; I’m a little obsessed with it and find it hard to part with on laundry day. That’s not healthy. But c’mon, it’s so cute, isn’t it?

And, the bouquet I made from the day’s flower find. Makes me happy just looking at it. Which farmer’s market is YOUR favorite?