So due to the fact that I am, as I said before, NOT A BAKER, I thought this no-bake cookie recipe out of ‘Parents’ magazine should be a sure-fire, in the bag, no-problemo afternoon treat. 

I was wrong. 

I think the problem is not that I can’t bake, but that I have no patience for all the steps leading up to the part where you put it in the oven. 

For example, the recipe calls for crushed graham crackers (heaven. love), but I only mashed them up until they were mostly crushed. 

Perhaps that’s why they fell apart at the end. 


Also, the recipe calls for marshmallow fluff.  Seriously, who keeps that lying around their house??  But could I wait to make these cookies until next week when I went to the store, so that I could pick some up? 

OH NO, I had to make this recipe RIGHT NOW. 

Which meant that I just used some old marshmallows that I had and stuck them in the microwave to see if they would melt. 

They didn’t. Or they did.  Kinda. Have you ever stuck a marshmallow in a microwave? 

Well, then you know what happened. 

This is the before picture.

Now here is where there should be a horrifying ‘after’ picture, but I stupidly didn’t take an ‘after’ because at the time I thought it was just a pile of exploded goopy goop. Which in retrospect would have made an awesome ending to this blog post.

First I ruined the cookies, now I ruined the post, ARGH!!!

Well, it didn’t look any more appetizing than the previous picture, trust.


Oh well.

I have other talents.