My little sister is getting married this fall!

I am so thrilled, not only because I love her and she found the man who makes her truly happy, but also because (if you haven’t noticed already), I really love parties and weddings. My sister is so beautiful and unique—she’s a realist AND a romantic, an incredibly intelligent and thoughtful woman, the original and unintentional hipster, and a deeply compassionate lover-of-life. She is somewhat shy of the spotlight, so I could not be more honored that she is letting me give her a proper bridal shower.

These are the invitations (with some pertinent information removed for the sake of privacy) that went out last week. My sister’s name (Melissa) means ‘honeybee’, so I drew my inspiration from there and from some online image sources that I will be posting about tomorrow…

I designed the invitations by hand, mostly because I’m not entirely sure how to use Photoshop properly, but also because I studied art in school and have a decent amount of confidence in my lettering skillz. The invitations were printed on cream card-stock at FedEx Office, and the bee stamp and envelopes were purchased at Paper Source

Ooh, that shopping trip was dangerous—I could seriously spend multiple hours in any given day browsing at that store, so I had to make a quick dash in & out in order to save my wallet from fatigue!