Working Girl

In a million years, I never thought I’d say this, but… I’m featured in Forbes this month! 

When it rains...

My schedule has been on overdrive since I moved back from Hawaii—getting everyone resettled in our LA home, reading dozens of scripts on the hunt for my next acting job, applying to preschools for Finn and working hard on making Move LifeStyle better every day.  (Have you visited me over there yet?  It’s the new website I cofounded, where I’m blogging about my girl-on-the-go adventures and delivering gorgeous content and inspiration for busy design-minded working women.)  In homage to the rain today, here’s a sneak peek at some of our March inspirations: 

See more at MoveLifeStyle!! 

Rhubie + Rhett

Want to know what I keep in my car for those busy on-the-go days with my toddler?  

Brand-new online kids’ mag Rhett + Rhubie did, too—check out my picks here

Alas, Last Resort

I’m very sorry to announce that Last Resort will only complete our original 13 episode order, and will not (as of now) continue beyond that.  The good news is that all the episodes will air (Thursdays at 8 on ABC), so our devoted audience will get a chance to see the show through to a fantastic finale.   I’m tremendously conflicted over this news because of the following two reasons…  

#1.  My character Kylie Sinclair, just keeps getting better with each episode.  She is one of the best female characters I’ve ever had the privilege of reading, much less the honor of playing.  I am head over heels in love with her and would like to keep playing her for the forseeable future. 

#2.  I miss my family intensely.  The transition to living in a new state apart from my husband and friends, with a small child, has been very difficult to weather.  Therefore, in a way I’m relieved to be heading back to Los Angeles, even though I’ve become quite fond of the weather and lifestyle here in Hawaii.  Oh, and this view isn’t so bad either:

There is still a chance the show could continue on another network, or on cable, but as I have no control over that side of things, I’m going to be making the best of my last month here as we finish out our season.  Our cast and crew have worked SO very hard on making a truly quality show for our audience, and it has been an absolute pleasure and honor to be included among them.  I will put my all into these final episodes, and make sure that in my off-hours, I’m truly enjoying this gorgeous island and soaking up every last drop of sunshine that I can get!   I’ll miss you, Hawaii…



My new movie, Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade airs TONIGHT at 8pm on the Hallmark Channel!

Love Parade

Even though Last Resort didn’t air this week, you can STILL catch me on TV— I’m starring in a sweet romantic comedy called Love At the Thanksgiving Day Parade, airing on the Hallmark Channel this Sunday, November 4th at 8pm!

I absolutely loved making this film. I fell in love with it after reading Nancy Silvers’ quick-witted script, which I felt was such a great throwback to the romantic comedies of the 1930’s and 40’s. 

 This old-fashioned romantic comedy focuses on Emily the parade manager and passionate unofficial historian for Chicago’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Adding to her hope and excitement as the parade approaches, she believes she’s about to become engaged to her long-time boyfriend, a marine biologist who’s been away at sea the past couple of years. Her life is thrown into disarray when the city hires a hard-nosed business consultant to come up with ways to help the parade make more money. Enemies at work, their relationship grows even more complicated when they start falling in love with each other, against all odds.

The film also gave me the opportunity to wear the most beautiful vintage dresses, like this 1930’s yellow silk Dior and 1940’s suited red dress. 

The film also gave me the opportunity to wear the most beautiful vintage dresses, like this 1930’s yellow silk Dior and 1940’s suited red dress. 


It will also be airing during the following times:

Friday November 9th at 8PM

Wednesday November 14th at 8 PM

Saturday November 17th at 10 PM

Sunday November 18th at 12 noon

Thanksgiving Day at 8 AM and at 6PM

Open Sky...

I have a Holiday Gift Guide on OpenSky!   Please visit my store here, even if just to see all the yummy goodies I’ve curated for you. 

 My collection is inspired by the girl-on-the-go, so I’ve chosen a boatload of items to help get you through the holiday season, like the Marissa shirt above, simple yet elegant flats, and easy-to-wear jewelry that adds that little extra touch of glamour to any outfit.  I’ve also selected some great items for gift-giving (my current favorite is this chevron drawer liner):

It’s totally indulgent and beautiful, which makes it perfect as a gift for your girlfriends.  I hope you’ll check out this + other great items at my OpenSky store

On Set with 'Self'

This week, I took Self Magazine on set with me to check out a ‘day in the life’ ... although I really just took a bunch of photos with my iPhone and sent ‘em over with captions.  Still, pretty cool.   

Enjoy!  Check out the link here

So Undercover...

I have a funny cameo as a sorority style expert in the upcoming Miley Cyrus spy comedy, So Undercove...

and I’m in the trailer, whoo-hoo!

A Lovely Chat with Oliver...

I always love visiting the oh-so-British Oliver Trevena over at the Young Hollywood set… Check out our interview above, and visit the Young Hollywood site here.  PS:  I was so late running to this interview that I braided my hair myself in the elevator up to the studio… can I get some mad ‘Girl on the Go’ props for that one?

The Princess Bride

I just found out that it’s the 25th anniversary of my favorite movie of all time, The Princess Bride. How is that possible???  It’s inconceivable.   I love this movie because it’s action-packed, incredibly romantic, beautifully shot, brilliantly acted (hello, Wallace Shawn), and funny.  To me, this film achieves the impossible task of encapsulating every single thing that makes people fall in love with the movies.

Some facts: 

1.  I can pretty much quote this entire movie start to finish.  

2.  One of my favorite dates with my husband was a night out at the Egyptian Theater, where we saw The Princess Bride on the big screen, followed by a live onstage reenactment of the Cliffs of Insanity Duel.  AMAZING. 

3.  If they ever remade this movie, I would be heartbroken.

4.   If you’ve been living under a rock for the past 25 years and haven’t seen this film, do yourself a favor and rent it NOW! 

Here’s a fun LA Times link to a video of the cast on the red carpet of the 25th Anniversary Celebration:‘The-Princess-Bride’-cast-celebrate-25-years#pl-64872262

The 25th anniversary edition of the movie is available HERE on DVD.

** all photos are sourced from the Princess Bride Facebook page **

PS:  Is The Princess Bride anyone else’s favorite movie, too?

Move Lifestyle...

Move LifeStyle has launched!  A year in the making, Move is my new online magazine delivering daily content for girls-on-the-go.  Our mission is to tell the stories of women navigating the grey area between life at home and life at work; we explore the worlds of travel, style, technology, cocktails + caffeine.  I’m incredibly proud of all the behind-the-scenes work that went into this project, and equally proud of the beautiful site that is constantly evolving…  I hope you’ll come visit often.



Johnny Lewis.  

I couldn’t catch my breath on Thursday.  It seems incomprehensible.  It breaks my heart that some people will remember him only from the horrific circumstances surrounding the last part of his life.  It breaks my heart for the loved ones of everyone involved.

When I think of Johnny, I will think of a sweet, talented boy I once knew.  I will think of itchy ears.  I will think of sipping tea and talking about art.  I will think of dancing in the streets of Palo Alto at midnight, singing softly together.

Last Resort...

My new show, Last Resort, airs this THURSDAY at 8 on ABC!!!  I am so very proud of my work and the stellar performances of my fellow cast members—I cannot wait to share this epic, fast-paced, intelligent drama with all of you.

Please watch & make a lot of noise online if you loved it!

Second City...

This week I flew back to Los Angeles for a few days to reconnect with family & friends, and to ‘host’ a night at the famed Second City!  About 8 years ago, I studied improv & comedy here for a hot minute and loved the teaching, so it was a treat to be invited to share the stage with their talented actors. After so many years on sound stages instead of theater stages, I’m always nervous about ‘opening night,’ but once I get in front of the audience, I’m immediately reminded how much I love to make people laugh (and how much louder I need to remember to be next time!!). A big group of my girlfriends showed up to support me, which then enabled us all to drink margaritas at the tequila bar across the street after the show, so all in all it was a hugely fun/successful night. 

(From Left to Right): Leslie Durso, Carolina Pacheco, me, Briana Lane

(From Left to Right): Leslie Durso, Carolina Pacheco, me, Briana Lane

For those of you who don’t live in Los Angeles, they kindly recorded the evening’s festivities, and you can see the entire show HERE

Goodbye Summer...

Even though it’s post-Labor Day, and according to strict fashion rules you’re ‘not supposed to wear white,’ I still think white looks appropriate in almost every season.  

Plus, September & October tend to be the two hottest months in California, so to me it makes the most sense to just wear what feels right to YOU!   

I’ve had this skirt for a while & though I love it I always struggle with what to pair it with.  

For a dinner party this weekend, I went with a neon yellow Helmut Lang tank (I’ve loved the neon trend & am holding onto it as long as I can), my trusty See By Chloe sandals, my friendly Club Monaco blazer, and a white clutch (from Target!).  Easy, comfortable, and the perfect ‘pre fall’ outfit for those lingering days of heat…

Enjoy it while you can, my friends.

Jill + Penny...

I find it difficult to think, talk and write about the negative things in life, the dark shadows that are always there under the online onslaught of flowers and wedding dresses and happy families.  So I wasn’t sure if I was going to write about this, but I’ve found myself thinking about little else this week.  My friend Jill Thomas, who took our maternity photos & Finn’s baby photos, tragically lost her 21 month old daughter Penny in a pool accident this week.  She had given birth just a few months before we collaborated on our lavender field maternity session in April 2011, and you could see her joy when she talked about her beautiful tow-headed daughter.  Now I find myself awake at night thinking about her family and so deeply wishing I could reverse time and change the past for them. I find it impossible to think of a world in which her family does not have that beautiful little soul with them in the future. Of course, as a mother all of this only hits home further…  There are some beautiful stories about Penny here, written by a family friend.  Also, Jill’s insurance does not cover the cost of the funeral for their sweet daughter, and friends have been kind enough to set up a fund for them, PenniesForPenny.  Please donate if you are able.  

If you’re reading this, please keep her family in your thoughts and prayers, and please please please hug your little ones tight, because we never know how long we are lucky enough to have them here with us.

Zooey Magazine...

behind-the-scenes photo by Daria Kobayashi Ritch, courtesy of Zooey Magazine

behind-the-scenes photo by Daria Kobayashi Ritch, courtesy of Zooey Magazine

Zooey Magazine (I love this magazine!) did a great article on a handful of actors returning to your television this fall, including the always awesome Kristen Bell, who’s September’s cover girl.  I love the profile they did on me, and getting the chance to work with chic stylist Kristina Van Dyk, and talented photographer Vince Trupsin (who will also be shooting with us for Move this fall!).  Check out the article HERE in the September issue of Zooey!


Downtown Chic...

A quick trip back to LA for the weekend…

I put together an outfit consisting of my favorite See by Chloe heels, blue denim Levis, striped tee, a fabulous grey boyfriend blazer by Club Monaco that I wear almost year round, and my favorite new 1960s vintage clutch (purchased from A Current Affair).  The look was casual, easy & comfortable.  Love it!

For more great LA looks, check out my ‘city chic’ Pinterest board...


Red Carpet Ready

The red carpet experience can be equally giddy-making and terrifying—you spend precious time carefully choosing a dress you love, just so the next day the celeb machine can pick you apart and analyze you down to your fingertips.  The best advice I’ve found is to enjoy the process with a glass of wine, and then try to forget all of that and just have a good time.  You win some, you lose some, so you might as well have a hell of a good time on the journey…




This is a new series on my blog about the red carpet and the details that go into that one appearance.  This dress was for the ABC TCA’s last month, where all the new fall shows are trotted out and shared with the critics who will hopefully love our show & write a lot about it this year.  :)  I went sweet for day, so I wanted something showstopping at night, and this Naven dress fit the ticket.  Caley Lawson helped me pull together the look, finishing it with my Brian Atwood pumps (that I wear to just about EVERYTHING), and some simple rose gold jewelry, with hair & makeup by my dear friend Dean Roybal.  Love that guy.