I find it difficult to think, talk and write about the negative things in life, the dark shadows that are always there under the online onslaught of flowers and wedding dresses and happy families.  So I wasn’t sure if I was going to write about this, but I’ve found myself thinking about little else this week.  My friend Jill Thomas, who took our maternity photos & Finn’s baby photos, tragically lost her 21 month old daughter Penny in a pool accident this week.  She had given birth just a few months before we collaborated on our lavender field maternity session in April 2011, and you could see her joy when she talked about her beautiful tow-headed daughter.  Now I find myself awake at night thinking about her family and so deeply wishing I could reverse time and change the past for them. I find it impossible to think of a world in which her family does not have that beautiful little soul with them in the future. Of course, as a mother all of this only hits home further…  There are some beautiful stories about Penny here, written by a family friend.  Also, Jill’s insurance does not cover the cost of the funeral for their sweet daughter, and friends have been kind enough to set up a fund for them, PenniesForPenny.  Please donate if you are able.  

If you’re reading this, please keep her family in your thoughts and prayers, and please please please hug your little ones tight, because we never know how long we are lucky enough to have them here with us.