Posting was light last week because we were spending time with my in-laws—we vacationed for two nights at Paradise Point down in Pacific Beach, where my husband used to go as a child. Even though I’m from San Diego county, I had never spent time down in this area, and it was so lovely! (btw, I’m trying out some new watermarks on my photos, sorry if they are too intrusive, trying to make them subtle…)

Growing up by the beach, you get used to it (aka spoiled), and I never really appreciated my hometown as a vacation destination. This time I saw the area through fresh eyes, as a visitor and a tourist, and I only regret that we didn’t get to venture out into the city, because I found a lot of great restaurant recommendations. I really wanted to try Mister Frostie (an ice cream cone for a buck twenty-five!)... next time. 

Anyone have favorites in the area?

Jess & his brother & nephews took a boat out on the water for an afternoon—I was a party pooper and stayed in the bungalow to nap with the baby. I must say, I don’t regret it. Sleep is absolutely the most thrilling vacation to me right now (so sad!). I also somehow managed to miss out on the car/cart/bicycle thingamajig below. Looks fun, though, right?

Of course, I got to spend lots of time with Finn and took waaaaay too many photos of him! He’s rolling over like crazy now, and discovering that he can grab things with his hands and put them in his mouth—things like sand… and grass… and lint… and my hair. Ohmyword.

My in-laws discovered a funny surprise—the tourist guide book in the hotel room included an interview I did a couple months ago! 

I had been wondering where this ran… now I know (and I SO love the photo by Adam Hendershott!).

But it was really weird to think that I was staying in EVERY room at the hotel—no wonder I’m exhausted.