Oh my little Finn!  Finn = Funn.  So. Much. Fun!!  I just love being your mama—I’m looking at the world in a new way because of you, and you inspire me to be better everyday.  You do this adorable thing where you smile so big that you suddenly become shy and have to hide your face. We went to Hawaii this month—you liked the pool (warm) but you weren’t so sure about the ocean (cold), and it seemed like you were content to spend hours outdoors looking at all the patterns in the world around you. Patterns are a big deal to you this month!  You’ve finally noticed the big quilt hanging over your changing table, and you love to ‘talk’ to it while you’re getting dressed.  You ‘talk’ all the time, actually, and I can’t wait to find out what it is that you have to say.  I love you, baby boy!xoxo