A picture of me and my better half to start off this post, the better half to yesterday’s post about Amir & Nina’s fabulous wedding…

I loved the creative use of teeny bouquets of vibrant flowers on every table, and the rented striped furniture was to die for—absolutely made a huge impact! 

Even the staff came dressed to match, in coordinating colors, heart pins from Bando, and stripes:

Sigh… this is making me want to post about my own wedding! 

Ohhhhh, how I wish I’d known about the blogging world in 2009—or maybe I would have gone a little crazy (crazier?), so perhaps it’s better that I’ve arrived late to the party.

Some of the uber-good-looking wedding guests… the attire was ‘creative cocktail’ and I’ve never seen a better-attired group. 

The most exciting outfits had to be the couple who both arrived in head-to-toe black and hot pink—can’t believe I missed getting a shot of them, because they were fierce! 

I was also super-into the plethora of plaid happening…

And here is our happy couple…

Nightfall brought on a slew of entertainment—a palm reader, tarot-card expert, toasts, web stars Jessica & Hunter, and killer music by the Flashdance (oh my gosh, they were SO fun! I LOVED dancing without a preggo belly to get in my way!).

Bride & groom Nina & Amir, and Kelly & Paige of Bash Please did an incredible job designing this light-hearted, chic, and joyful wedding, and I am so happy that my dear friends found each other, fell in love, made it official and treated us to a celebration of their happiness. 

Love to you. xoxo