A couple of weekends ago, we had our first baby-free night out and went to the FABulous wedding of our dear friends Amir Talai & Nina Manni.  The whole shebang was planned by Paige & Kelly of Bash Please, and I cannot wait to attend another of their events, because this. was. fierce.

This was truly a MOVE wedding:  modern styling, organic food & drinks by Heirloom LA, vintage wedding bands worn by the bride and groom, and an eclectic mix of entertainment (a gospel choir for the processional, DJing by The Flashdance, visiting webstars, palm readers during the reception).

We went to dinner with the newlyweds last night & Nina told me about the first time Paige asked her what she envisioned for the wedding.  Her reply—black & white stripes, hot pink, purple, yellow, and orange—which in less talented hands could be a total disaster but with Nina & Paige, it turned fun and sexy and modern.

BTW, the drinks were ridiculous.  The food was by Heirloom LA, so I’m gonna assume they did the drinks, too.  I got a little crazy with a spicy jalepeno margarita on the rocks.  Or two.  Maybe three.  Hey, I’ve had to forgo drinking for 10 months, people!!

Amir & Nina call each other ‘boo’.  Three years ago this was annoying.  Now it has become adorable, and they took the idea and ran with it for the table decor.  Being internet-savvy actor-comedians, they even incorporated it into the Twitter hashtag for the wedding night:  #BooX2

How amazing is this dessert table?? 

It was all exceptionally delicious, too—and no multi-tiered frosted cake in sight.  I love that Nina & Amir made their wedding so very THEM.  They wanted to have a great, vibrant, fun celebration that was more of a party than a traditional ‘wedding’ and it made the night extraordinary and so much fun to celebrate their marriage!  One more delicious post about this modern-chic wedding tomorrow…