I’m back!  I had a marvelous week & a half in New York, and plan to post a series of blogs about it, but I just couldn’t wait to share a few pix with you guys.  I know there’s a way to do a post from the iPad, but I couldn’t figure out how to get any photos on there while I was traveling, and a post without photos just isn’t the same to me.  I’ll have to get some help from my techy friends (paging Jenn Wong!), at least on how to get some halfway decent shots from the iPhone onto the blog while I’m away…Anyway, these shots are from my first day on the set of ‘Royal Pains’, out on Long Island. 

I thought I somehow landed in an issue of Martha Stewart magazine, it was so tranquil and idyllic and Wasp-y!  The pictures set the perfect mood to get you ready for the Fourth of July and some sort of lobster/clam - roast/bake, right? (BTW, are any of you actually doing something traditional like that?)  I still have to make plans… this is one holiday that somehow always seems to sneak up on me…I play a marathon runner in the episode, so I spent about 3 hours running back and forth along the shore this day—we had perfect weather for a mid day workout, and I felt so lucky to be working in such a beautiful location with a truly lovely cast & crew. 

The third season of the series premiered tonight on USA, and my episode (called “Run Hank Run”) should be airing sometime in mid August.OK, promise me now that you won’t laugh at my pathetic running skills.  Come on, I just had a baby!! .... though hopefully they will make me look super sleek thanks to the magic of television (and editing.  and maybe special effects.  and maybe you could blur your eyes & drink a couple of beers, thanks. ).

Oh, and I still have to post about the marvelous wedding I went to before we left!  Sigh… so much eye-candy coming up!!xoxo