It was just as fabulous as it sounded—a weekend at a ‘cottage’ on the beach, practically right on top of the water.  All brides-to-be should consider a similar idea for their bachelorette party—forget the hot pink boa and vodka-themed party night, and instead spend your money renting a small place and holing up with your best girlfriends for the weekend.  It’s low-key, intimate, and an amazing send off for a single gal.  We spent all weekend talking, napping, getting massages, gazing out at the ocean and cooking up a storm.

The girls and I (well, ok, mostly other girls) whipped up healthy breakfasts of gorgeous fruit & muffins (here is a similar muffin recipe to the one we used ).

My friend Nasim was in from New York to help celebrate for the weekend & it was so great to spend time with her again.  And of course there’s my ever-growing baby bump, which is pretty much impossible to miss at this point… (today marks exactly one month until my due date!)

On Sunday, the bachelorette portion of the weekend was capped by a proper bridal shower, also held in the beach bungalow.  I was surprised to find that some of the girls at the party had never heard of the ‘bow bouquet’ tradition, so I’ll repeat it here in case it’s new to you, also.  Someone punches a hole in the middle of a paper plate, corrals all the ribbons from your bridal shower gifts, and strings them through the plate to make a bouquet that you carry at your wedding rehearsal.  It’s a sweet tradition and the bouquet is a little reminder of how many good wishes you carry with you on your walk down the aisle.

A picture of the beautiful bride-to-be, blissed out and relaxed on the deck…  Many many good wishes and hugs and love to you, Brittany!  This next month will be a whirlwind, but it will be one of the sweetest times in your life, too.  Enjoy your last minutes of being a ‘fiancee’ before you become a wife.  We love you!xoxo