This weekend we were on the hunt for a great changing table for the baby’s nursery, so we hit up the Melrose Trading Post bright & early (with decaf coffee in hand, of course).  If you live in LA, you probably already know about this amazing treasure trove, but if not—it’s every Sunday at the corner of Melrose & Fairfax and costs two bucks to get in.  Worth it!

One of our first (and favorite!) finds of the day was these amazing letterpress components from the 1850’s.  The shop was also selling the trays to hold each font, so we picked up two of these to hang on the wall, and a handful of letters to display in them.  I wish I’d picked up more, but in the end it was a great thing that I didn’t, because I had just enough money left to buy something even better later that morning (which you will read about at the end of the post)...Jess finds it difficult to find hats that fit him properly, but I really think this one does the trick.  Right, honey?

PS:  Note his shirt.  Proud Daddy-to-be. Flea market chic—comfortable flats are a must!!

Loafers: Banana Republic (fall) Plaid scarf:  American Eagle (last fall) Maternity Jeans: Seven Skinny Boot Cut from A Pea in the Pod Army Tee:  A Pea in the Pod Messenger Bag:  You really can’t see it here, but it’s a vintage camera bag purchased last summer at the Trading Post.  It’s pretty awesome.  I dig it. We went with our friend Briana Lane, who has a great eye for vintage and a very chic personal sense of style, and I just love shopping with her!  Right after this shot was taken, we spotted our #1 find of the day… the dresser for the baby’s room!  It was listed for $245 and Jess tactfully negotiated down to $200—which was weirdly perfect because I had exactly $202 left in my wallet.  Best of all, it fit in our Prius on the drive home.

Next week I’ll post pictures of the new dresser and (hopefully) of more fantastic finds, too!