I’ve been so mean.

I ignored you all last week.

Let’s stop fighting, ok?

I had all sorts of posts planned, and then I was launched into a whirlwind trip to Vancouver to shoot a guest lead on a new series with Melanie Griffith, Jeffery Nordling, and loads of other fun people—(I’m playing a campaign manager and wearing the most wonderful suit and silk shirt from Theory. ) We had to rush a passport for the baby over the weekend and it threw everything into a bit of upheaval, and now I’m writing this post late at night from my hotel room as my baby and my sweet mama (who came along to watch Finn when I’m working) are fast asleep in the bedroom…I’m so glad to be working in Vancouver because I LOVE it!! I’ve been here many times before and it boasts my favorite Chinese restaurant (Hon’s) and favorite yoga studio (YYoga: Flow Wellness). I got to explore a bit more today, and have tons of new places to dish about, which I can’t blog until I get home bc I forgot the cord… along with my socks…  face cleanser…  shampoo…  more than one pair of pants for the baby…  Mommy brain, anyone?

Anyway, to tide you over in the meantime, I gathered up some of my favorite shots from my very first visit to Vancouver, back in 2007… (These are largely from the waterfront areas outside the city, taken while I was shooting Lost Boys: The Tribe)