You tell ‘em, Finn…You are six months old (okay, at this moment you’re actually 7 months old because it’s taken me so long to write this post but that’s beside the point)


*You’re six months old.

*You are one neat kid.

*You’re making a lot of cool noises. Sometimes you sound like a dinosaur. Sometimes you cry. Sometimes you laugh big belly laughs (especially when Daddy tickles your feet with his beard).

*You think it’s hilarious to cruise around our living room pulling yourself forward on your belly, trying to make that one last connection that will mean you’re actually crawling (you finally mastered it two days before your seven month birthday).

*Bathtime is your favorite time of day. Sometimes you will dunk your head right under the water in a quest to reach the bathtub plug or a favorite bumpy yellow squeaky toy. You like to be naked and you cry when I put your pajamas on after your bath.

*You can recognize me and reach for me, which of course makes me melt every time.

*You ‘bit’ me a few times this month. That was not so fun.

*You like bananas, peas, sweet potatoes, apples, pears and kale. You do not like carrots or potatoes.

*The dogs are an endless source of entertainment in our house. You and Sadie are starting to make a serious love connection. Gatsby; not so much.

*You still wake up entirely too often at night for mommy’s taste…yawn…

*You celebrated your first Thanksgiving and you were a saint. You played with your older cousins. You tried out some butternut squash and it was a bona fide hit.

*You went to the mountains and felt snow for the first time. Reaction: neutral. The highlight of the trip for you seemed to be playing with the lid to my coffee cup instead… Hmm.

*Everywhere we go people comment on what a smiley baby you are—you just LOVE people. Anyone. Everyone. So far your favorite person was an old lady with about 4 teeth that we met at Michaels Art Supply. You thought she was just hysterical.

*You also think your PaPa is pretty darn funny and you love to cuddle up with your Nana, which suits them both just fine.

I hope you can tell how much we all love you.

We love you.

I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to say it enough.

We love you, Finn.