Hi, guys! The highlight of my weekend was an especially busy Sunday evening—I attended the second annual Streamy Awards (for Excellence in Web Content) with my husband, Jesse Warren, who was nominated for 7 awards for his web series, The Bannen Way.

It was truly a great night because his series won for Best Director of a Drama Series (Jesse Warren), Best Editing (Zack Arnold, Fix-it-in-Post), Best Actor in a Drama Series (Mark Gantt), and Best Dramatic Web Series!! Thanks to the Streamy Academy for honoring them, and for giving all of us internet-lovers a chance to celebrate the hard work all of these nominees have put into making exciting, innovative content for the web.

The awards were well-deserved, but the awards show itself had quite a few glitches (live feed loss! a rapidly vanishing audience! streakers!!). I feel for the organizers, who obviously worked hard to try to put together an enjoyable night to honor all the nominees, though things did not go as they planned. Read More Here…

Host of the show Paul Scheer did a really nice job making the best of all the mishaps, as did presenter Kevin Pollack who diffused the situation with spot-on humor & sarcasm. For me, the (almost) saving grace had to be the talented performers in the musical opening number. REALLY fantastic & funny performances by a group of talented singers from New York—wish I could tell you who they are, but for the life of me I can’t find this group’s name anywhere online or in the program. Take my word that they were exciting & talented, and please tell me if you know who they are! Also a highlight: a musical ‘Thank You’ acceptance speech from the creators of “Auto-Tune The News,” who won for Best Experimental Web Series.

Here are some shots from the evening.

My dress is Milly (loved it!) and I bought my necklace for $8 at Crossroads Vintage this week.