Hi, guys!

Sorry I haven’t been posting lately- this has been an exciting month in my family! My husband Jess is directing a web-series he created for Sony, called ‘The Bannen Way’. It’s a fast-paced, ‘Ocean’s Eleven’/‘Smokin Aces’ - style action/drama about a womanizing thief trying to turn his life around, and it looks fantastic so far!!

I have an edgy role as part of an assassin trio, and I’ve definitely never done anything like this role before. It will start airing in a few months on Sony’s Crackle.com, and will be released on DVD sometime in 2010. There is such excitement surrounding this project, and I’m so proud to be a part of it—I can’t wait for everyone to see it! Here are a couple early shots from set, taken by our friend & photography genius, Adam Hendershott (hendershotts.com).


Check out this article on it!