In honor of turning (gasp!) 29 this year, my friend Leslie has created a fabulous new ‘How-To’ on her cooking/entertaining blog:

It’s called ‘29 Things A Gal Should Know While She’s Still in Her Twenties’, and it will teach you all sorts of essential things we should all have learned how to do in the kitchen, but for some reason most of us never did.

I helped Leslie come up with some of the challenges by thinking of what I don’t know how to do them myself! You’ll find things like:

How do you properly hard-boil an egg? (Because my husband is better at this one than I am!)

What should you do with leftover wine? (Come on, isn’t that a question we all want an answer to? When the answer isn’t “Drink It”—because it’s a little too old?)

How on earth do you clean your oven? (This one is especially interesting to me because I attempted to make sesame seed brittle this weekend and YIKES- it ended up all over the bottom of my oven.

And I have no idea what to do. Help me, Leslie!! Here’s the link: