Hi, guys, I’ve been a busy girl—I had two live performances this weekend that were so fun! On Friday, I sang with my friend Derek Carter (on guitar) at Upright Cabaret—we did a version of ‘Winter Song’, since I completely fell in love with it over the last couple of weeks. A duo named Freddy & Francine also performed and they have a CD coming out on iTunes this week—they were utterly amazing!! Please let me know if you’re able to listen to their work online this week! Also, the incomparable Audra Mae, who’s version of ‘Forever Young’ was just featured on ‘Sons of Anarchy’... just stunning. There were some really beautiful performances! Then tonight I played a few characters in the ‘Thrilling Adventure and Supernatural Suspense Hour’, which is a live show that replicates old radio programs from the 40s and 50s. We perform once a month at M-Bar on Vine St, and there are always surprise guest-stars, and good laughs. It is a blast & tonight was the holiday show, so I got to wear some sparkly tights. Tomorrow morning I am headed to the live gospel show at the House of Blues, so it is quite a musical weekend for me. I hope the show & brunch are great b/c I’ve been wanting to see it ever since I moved to LA! Finally! Does it seem to you like you never get to really take advantage of all the cool things your own city has to offer? I’m hoping to remedy that a bit in the New Year—I would love to go to LACMA and I haven’t been in years! 2009 it is. xo, Autumn