Hi, guys! I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving, with plenty of food and family. Did you go out and about for ‘Black Friday’? I hate shopping, (!!!) so I spent the day scrapbooking with my mom and girlfriends in San Diego—so much fun!! I’ve been friends with these 3 girls since we were children, and it has been such fun to see them all grow & start their own families! I love to hang out with their kids & talk with them for hours. I am very thankful for their friendship!! I’ve also been listening to a lot of music this week—latest find: Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michelson (both of whom I love!) teamed up for the beautiful ‘Winter Song’—I was so excited to find this! Been listening to it a lot tonight, also Dylan’s ‘Shelter From the Storm’—do you think I’m craving some winter weather, perhaps? Wishing you all a happy, healthy December!!! xo, Autumn