Welcome to the new AutumnReeser.com, where I will be continuing our ongoing conversation…

When I started Move LifeStyle, it was a way to share beautiful finds & images with my fans, and become involved with the blogging community that constantly inspires me.  Along the way, I discovered an amazing network of women and ignited my passion for sharing the stories, struggles, and joys within our community. So… I’m currently turning Move LifeStyle into an exciting online magazine, launching this fall, where we’ll be talking about work-life balance, style & design, issues that are important to women, and oh yeah, there will be beautiful photography, too.  I am SO thrilled to share this venture with you all!!  There are some amazing women involved behind the scenes over there with me, and we will be sharing stories & photos from a lot of other creative, inspiring women.  

In light of all these big changes, I revamped my personal site to have a separate place to share more photos & stories with you all.  I’ll be updating regularly about Last Resort, my recent move to Hawaii, life with my writer hubby and our toddler Finn, and my own challenges with finding work-life balance.  And I hope that in September, you’ll visit us over at Move, and visit me every Thursday at 8pm on ABC!   

Sign up for updates over to the right (just click the envelope!)  Welcome to the new site—I hope you love it as much as I do!