After brunch in Park Slope, we headed out to Williamsburg for a stop at the vintage market, which is an off-shoot of the Brooklyn flea transported to a waterfront location outdoors for the summer.  It wasn’t a very summery day but the crowd was enormous; vintage dresses, plaid shirts, and funky hats seemed to be the uniform requirements.

We spotted street-fashion photographers documenting some of the more interesting local shoppers.  How fantastic is that white-blonde mane?

I loved this typewriter table because it reminded me of my sister. In the end, I found so many fantastic pieces of furniture that I wish I lived locally; instead I went home with a $5 orange scarf and various different type-set letters for my monthly Finn updates.  I’m heading to another flea in LA at the Rose Bowl today—anyone else planning to hit up any vintage marts this weekend?xoxo