Finn… I enticed you to stay in place for this shot by plying you with yogurt melties—which held your interest for approximately 1.3 seconds before you took off in a dead sprint for the staircase (aka your current obsession).  My oh my, do you have opinions about what you want to do and where you want to go!  You love to hold onto an adult’s finger and set off in a frenzy for a set of stairs, or the dog food, or an open doorway.  Getting you dressed in the morning is a serious challenge, and therefore you spend many days without a pair of pants or shoes (your nanny Mary has the magic touch of convincing you to get dressed—I seem to be lacking in that skill and I still have a lot to learn from her!).  Lately, I’ve been spending hours at night poring over the footage from your birth and its unbelievable to me what a journey we’ve been on as a family this year…  I’ve become a different person.  You’ve changed me forever.  I’m wiser, more joyful, more cynical, more fearful, more free, more ambitious, more pure, more conflicted and more clear than I have ever been in my life.  What beautiful turmoil children turn out to be…  I am ever grateful for the lack of sleep, abundance of laughter, outpouring of friendship, confrontation of character, and pureness of love that you have brought into our lives.  I absolutely and forever adore you, my Finn.  xoxoyour mama