I returned to Los Angeles on Wednesday, and I have all sorts of good things to share with you this week!  I’ve jumped right back into the swing of things—first up, attending a party to celebrate the launch of Restoration Hardware’s new spring collection, ‘Exposed.’

Obviously I love me some home furnishings, so I was thrilled for the chance to get a little sneak peek at the collection, in addition to finally getting a chance to visit their flagship store & garden on Beverly Blvd!

It was, of course, gorgeous.  The new collection (have you all found the giant-sized 992-page catalogs in your mailboxes yet?) features a lot of elements of traditional design stripped down to the bare bones with the insides showing—it’s very cool!

Since I landed in LA on Wednesday night & the party was Thursday evening, I had just one day to pull my outfit together—I was planning on wearing an amazing dress from Cynthia Rowley‘s new spring line, and they were kind enough to ship it to my house for me that morning but unfortunately it didn’t fit. :( Luckily my style-savvy friend Briana Lane stepped in at the last minute to help me pull something together to wear.  The shirt was a plain black tee I already owned from Gap, jewelry was my own from Jewelmint, the skirt was handmade by Briana’s friend Channing, the fabulous red-orange-coral lipstick was a recent purchase from Yves St Laurent, and the shoes were Elizabeth & James (I fell in love with them 5 months ago and they have just been sitting in my closet waiting for their debut—tab-dah!)... I did my own hair & makeup and was very happy with how the whole look turned out… thanks, Briana!!

The only bummer was that the clutch I carried was so tiny that I couldn’t bring my phone, which meant no on-site amazing photographs to share with you guys.  :(  But Apartment Therapy did a nice post on the New York launch party; check it out here to see more photographs of the new line.  I thought that throwing a Hollywood-style premiere party was a really interesting way for a furniture line to unveil its new collection—they even had a band performing—The Pierces, who I’d never heard of but who quickly flew to the top of my list of bands to watch.  They’re two sisters with kind of a folk-rock, Fleetwood Mac thing going on; plus it looked like they had possibly gone shopping at my favorite vintage mecca, Shareen Vintage, for their costumes—a 70’s style wedding dress for one, and a reworked mauve silk 80’s mini dress for the other—they were pretty bad-ass chicks with killer vocals, and their new album debuts today.  I’m gonna get it. 

One of the best things about the party was that I met Erika from The Small Shop Blog, which I’ve visited numerous times and admired her fun style, so it was great to meet her in person—plus, I found out she’s originally from Hawaii so we had lots to talk about and bond over.  She’s adorable and stylish and all sorts of fabulous—check out her post on the launch party here!xoxo