It seems appropriate on this last day of February, this ‘love month,’ to post the final piece in the series on my sister’s touchingly honest, authentic and beautiful mountain wedding…(click the links for part one and two of this series!)

The reception was held the afternoon after the actual wedding ceremony (which was held at a meaningful family-owned log cabin/meadow too remote to logistically transport 150 guests to witness the ceremony). I feel like my sister got the best of both worlds—an intimate low-stress ceremony to share her vows with her husband, and a huge celebration to share her happiness with her loved ones. I think she was very happy with the way everything turned out…  Details: the location was a park by the river in Truckee, wildflowers were displayed in vintage vessels on the picnic tables (my mother collected vintage tablecloths for a year to cover them!), the tables were named after local herbs and flowers, the food was a simple and delicious barbecue buffet, drinks were served in collected mason jars, the charming carrot cake was made by a friend, and the entire site was set up and served by family members and loving friends. The whole event was truly a DIY affair, low budget (she relied on a lot of tips from 2000DollarWedding, meaningful, low-key and as low-stress as possible.  Perfection.   Hope you enjoyed sharing in a lovely weekend that will always mean so much to our family!!