Posting has been super slow lately because it’s that time in the Los Angeles actor’s world that causes severe anxiety, over-caffeination, and rejection overload… pilot season.We all buckle down to go crazy for a few months as we (hopefully) get the opportunity to audition for a handful of highly coveted roles that need to be cast in the space of roughly two months. If you’re lucky, you’ll be auditioning every day. It’s crazy-making, but actors should count themselves very fortunate if they get the opportunity to be driven crazy.  BTW, if you’re reading this and you have no idea what I’m talking about, it’s called pilot season, because the first episode of a new television series is called a pilot. The networks will make about 80 shows between now and May, and you’ll only ever see about 15-20 of them come fall.  (Learn all the silly/fun showbiz lingo about pilot season here!)I finally have a spot of time to blog again, because I’m no longer spending every waking moment reading scripts & auditioning… last week I booked a role in my pilot season dream project—a drama for ABC created by Shawn Ryan (The Shield), called Last Resort. I have a really fantastic female role that I fought hard to get—Kylie Sinclair, an ambitious DC weapons lobbyist.  I loved the script from the minute I read it and I’m thrilled to be a part of what I think will be an exceptional series!! You can check out some of the press at TVGuide and Deadline.If you want to learn about every pilot that’s in process of casting right now, you can read about them all HERE!  Some of my favorite scripts (though I haven’t read them all) were Last Resort, Super Fun Night, County, and Midnight Sun…  It will be exciting to see what makes it to air in the fall!I’m looking forward to connecting with you all again. xoxo