Holy mackerel, you are on the move!!  You’ve gotten so fast over the last month—I couldn’t even corral you long enough to put much more than a diaper on you—and that is seriously some feat in itself.  It’s amazing that I could even snap one good photo of you before the number and words were knocked asunder and you were off again…You have places to be, things to see, dog bowls to splash in, toys to throw, legs and stairs to climb up and dogs to chase. You are a busy little man, Finn, and you keep your mama hopping!

Some favorite toys:

Sophie the giraffe

Peek-a-Boo bear from Aunt Aleta & Uncle Terry

vintage wooden blocks

the mesh sides of the laundry basket

a teeny-tiny scarf that Gatsby used to wear (when i used to dress up my dog because I didn’t have a baby to dress up)

the dryer balls from the laundry room

the lid to a Starbucks coffee cup

the cardboard sleeve to a Starbucks coffee cup

an old calculator I found in the back of a drawer

any remote control you can possibly get your hands on

In your short time on this planet you have been on 14 airplanes, celebrated 4 holidays, learned to eat and crawl, smiled at everyone you ever met and altered the entire fabric of our lives.  It’s been a pretty good 2011, I would say.  We can’t wait to see what 2012 has in store for us, little man. 

We love you,