You’ve been my baby for 4 months now and you’ve completely changed my life. 

I love this little person that you are turning into!

I love the huge full-face smile that you get when you see me in the morning, and I love the four little dimples that appear in your cheeks.

I love the challenge of trying to figure out what makes you tick.

I love our time reading & singing together.

I love that you can now sit up in your high chair and play with toys at the breakfast table in the afternoons—it’s so neat to watch you engage with them!

I love that you’re my little buddy and go everywhere with me, (mostly without complaint!).

I love that you are already army crawling around your bedroom floor—apparently you’ve got places to go!I love how interested you are in the other people we meet.

I love your crazy hairdo. I love getting to know YOU!