I’m heading to Hawaii…...although I won’t be quite as relaxed as this guy—I’m shooting a role on ‘Hawaii 5-0’ this week!  Finn & Jess are going with me to soak up some tropical rays together on the days I’m not working.  (At only 3 months, Finn is already a jet-setter…whatever, right?)  I play a really neat character, sort of a female version of Indiana Jones… awesome. The show shoots on Oahu, and I’ve never been there, though I actually lived on Maui for a short while when I was 19. During the days, I worked the front desk at a Gold’s Gym in Kihei, and at nights I waitressed at a tiny little Sicilian restaurant. And in between, I lived very cheaply—snorkeling with turtles, laying on the beach, devouring books from the library down the street. It was wonderful…I’ll keep posting while I’m away! Aloha!xoxo