This weekend my friend Jenn Wong & I are hosting one of my favorite annual parties—the clothing swap! It’s also known as a Naked Lady Party (are the boys reading this suddenly more interested, hmmm?) because it’s basically a fast & furious flying free-for-all of clothes.These pictures are from the most recent Swap Party we hosted back in October at a local salon.  Clothing swaps are eco-friendly, so great for refreshing your wardrobe without having to spend a dime, and streamlining the contents of your closet so you can actually find the clothes you DO like.  Since each girl tends to go home with only a few pieces, we end up with a huge amount of clothing that we then donate to a handful of amazing charities (more on these in my next Swap post)!

To host your own swap party, all you need is a willing host, some clothing racks, a few full-length mirrors, and some uninhibited girlfriends.  Its not important that everyone be the same size, because oftentimes girls are picking up pieces for other friends or sisters, as well.  You can create your own rules (ten items only, low-priced/vintage/designer-only), or have no rules at all.  A fun twist is to award a prize for best outfit created, or best ‘find’ of the day.Have any of you hosted your own Recessionista party this year? xoxo