Traditionally, we think of Easter celebrations as happening in big meadows, fields of grass awash with eggs and bunnies and children in spring pastels.  Our springtime celebration this year was a little less traditional, just a quiet weekend at our mountain cabin with my in-laws, including our 6 and 9 year old nephews.  We did a little bit of egg dying (nothing fancy), and then they searched through the pine needles and stones to locate every last one of their treasures.

Signs of spring poke up through the previously frozen ground…Sadie & Gatsby enjoyed lots of good fresh mountain air…I was grateful for the sunny weekend and a chance to get out of LA and just be.

Of course, you can never fully escape LA—our little mountain getaway happens to be the hometown of current American Idol contestant Casey Abrams, so menu specials & tributes to him were in abundance.  Considering that I’m a fan of his vocal style & confidence on the show, I’ll join the locals in saying, ‘Go Casey!,’ and I’ll be watching tonight.  xoxo