Since I’ve been posting so much about fall finds for me, I thought I’d do a short post about some of the cutest things I’ve come across for the little ones, too. This is my imaginary fall shopping list for Finn.  I’ve been lucky because friends & family have sent so many adorable goodies for my little guy, so I don’t really need to buy anything for at least a year—but if I WERE in the market, here’s what he would be getting:

#1.  Teal & aqua mittens and sweatsuit from Polern O Pyret...  

#2. Adorable robot toy from Mamas & Papas...

#3.  Airplane sweater and plaid cargo pants from Janie & Jack:      

 #5 cutie-pie socks from Petunia Pickle Bottom:

#6. Ride-on mouse from Prince Lionheart:

If you liked this post, there’s a similar series coming the first week of December… my holiday gift guide! I’m combing the internet for fantastic finds for men, women, kids, home, and my personal shopping list. So make sure to check back then!!