Happy Thanksgiving!

I stumbled across this beautiful little apple cake at my local coffee shop, and it got me right in the mood for all the fall desserts that are bound to appear in today’s feast.  I plan to counteract all that sweetness with this kale & brussels sprouts recipe.  But then again, I’m also making a cheesecake and a deep-fried turkey, so really, I might as well just jump right into the vat alongside it and top myself with some whipped cream.  Color me delicious.


Less about food and more about the meaning of Thanksgiving… I’m so deeply grateful for what the world has brought me this year—namely, my healthy baby boy!  Last year he was just a little nugget in my belly, and this year there’s this funny little person crawling all over my house, giving me ‘kisses’, pulling my hair, laughing at the dogs, and making me smile more than I have in my whole life.  So today I’m giving thanks for this sweet little boy, my supportive husband and family, true friendships, laughter, opportunity, health and love.

Oh, and cheesecake.  Did I mention cheesecake?

Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours…

(here’s our family pic from last year’s Thanksgiving—with Finn as just a teeny bump!)