This post somehow disappeared into the ether and tonight I resurrected it—we took Finn on his first ‘red carpet’ outing to a Father’s Day Britax and Baby Buggy event, when he was only 3 weeks old! (see his tiny little legs sticking out of the carrier??)  In addition to drawing some attention to a great cause (Baby Buggy is a fantastic charity started by Jessica Seinfeld), we played mini-golf! 

Jess beat me by 2 points (argh), but I was sooo close to winning.  (BTW, don’t you feel like every time you write ‘winning’ now, it needs a hashtag and then you automatically think of Charlie Sheen? 

So sad for the word ‘winning.’)  Anyway…

the evidence…

I cannot get over how TINY Finn is in these photos!! 

How is that possible???


PS: Nice pro photos by Michael Kovac & Alberto E Rodriguez, all iPhone snaps from me & Jess