Finn!!!—I’m a lotta bit in love with you. You’re a delightful baby—all smiles, and everywhere we go people comment on what a smiley little boy you are. Your hair is still a strange combination of cool hipster and creepy old man, and your cheeks are still chipmunktastic. You like routine and you aren’t shy about letting me know when you’re tired and would like to go to sleep in your crib. Today I took you to the grocery store and you thought it was the most exciting outing ever, so I’ve come to the conclusion that you’re a pretty cheap date. I love that you’re my little buddy and we do so much in one day! You are starting to crawl waaaay sooner than I was ready, which I have mixed feeling about, though you think it is awesome and you ‘talk’ a lot (mostly to the dogs) when you’re scooting about. You love crawling around the new black & white chevron rug in our living room, and you’re a big fan of chewing on these little stuffed toy vegetables in a crate from Melissa & Doug. Speaking of vegetables, you also LOVE eating actual sweet potatoes… but you’re neutral about avocado (avocados are amazing!! You’ll learn. ) It’s amazing how much you’ve changed me as a person—you made me a mother and every day you teach me new things about myself and about my relationship with the world around me. I am so deeply grateful for you, my little boy!!