Part three in my series on fall finds…(see parts one and two)

#1. Navajo-inspired scarf from Urban Outfitters. This was Item Number Three on my list! I love it! It was about $29.

#2. drapy stripy shirt from Madewell. Not on my list. Stripes! I have too many and swore not to buy more! Ahh! Sorry. BUT cost per wear is already turning out nicely, since I can’t seem to stop wearing this! It looks way better on, and it was $39 at Madewell.

#3. printed little dress from Crossroads. Dresses are Item Number 10 on my list, and this one was $10 people. $10!!  Yet another reason to buy vintage! I can already see it layered with tights and a great jacket…

#4. Ridiculously comfortable heathered blue sweatshirt from Madewell. No reason whatsoever to buy this other than it’s the MOST COMFIE THING I’VE EVER OWNED. And it actually looks amazing and perfectly undone when you throw a scarf over it.  $49 at Madewell.

#5. Mustard-colored clutch!!!  Item Number One on the list, and this one is soft and buttery and was from Anthropologie. $98 originally, but I had a gift card, so I paid about $60. Yup. Love it.

#6. Oxfords. From Target. I am still hoping for a good pair that will last longer than one season, but in the meantime, these totally work and were $19.99, so you really can’t beat that! I’ve already been getting good use out of them (and they have the cutest plaid interiors)...

#7. Stripy infinity scarf from the men’s section at Urban Outfitters. I could not possibly be more in love with a scarf, even if it woke me up with cuddles and made me my favorite latte. Enough said. $29.

#8. Steel bracelets from HandForge Metal.

These were a gift from my brother-in-law for my birthday. He made them by hand. How lucky am I?? I adore them!! The rundown:

$29 -  Navajo scarf

$39-  drapy striped shirt

$10 -  little printed dress

$49 -  heathered blue sweatshirt

$60 - mustard-colored clutch

$20 - oxfords$29 - striped infinity scarf

$0 - steel bracelets

Total in September: $236

Total in October: $271

Total to date: $507 for 18 items

Still on the list, Item Number Four (comfortable heeled boots), Item Number Five (very thin plaid button-ups), Item Number Six (black pumps), and a few more dresses… but it’s been a successful hunt so far!  Stay tuned next Friday…