I’m working on writing a bunch of posts for the holiday season (gift guides! hurrah!) and for HelloGiggles (random DIY posts! weird!), so I was afraid I’d be a bit short on content this week… but then I remembered that I could pilfer photos from a fabulous party we threw a few years ago for my husband’s birthday! My writer/director hubby is a huge film noir buff and references it often in his work, so it seemed only appropriate to do a 1930’s and 40’s noir-themed bash for him on his 31st.

The details for a film noir party are pretty simple—decorate with vintage movie posters and a black & white color palette, send instructions to guests to come dressed for the 1940’s, and serve up lots of fabulous themed cocktails (see ours below). Guests dressed to impress…


You can check out images for appropriate attire HERE...

(side note: the handsome fellow on the left in the above photo is talented songwriter Derek Carter, who has a show tonight at Room 5, so if you’re in LA you should go!)


I went down to the fabric mart downtown and picked up some red velvet fabric for about $20, looped it over a curtain rod, tied it back with some ribbon and voila, we had a dramatic entryway for the party.  Some other great inspiration ideas & images for a 1940s party of your own can be found herehere, and here.  xoxo