Following up on my post about my fall fashion hunt, here are the first pieces that I’ve painstakingly hunted down for your viewing pleasure (okay, okay, so maybe painstakingly is a little bit exaggerated.  maybe it’s really a lot of fun).  I also have it in my mind to learn how to make a photo collage and actually put some of these together as outfits, so perhaps that will even happen, too!  But either way, I’m going to post every Friday about the new items that have made it into my wardrobe (oh, and where you can find them, in case you happen to like something and want to get one for yourself!).

#1. black & white scarf (above). This falls under the category of Item Number Three: One Scarf I Just Fall in Love With. I LOVE this scarf! I just think it’s so versatile and so pretty—it’s already fallen into regular rotation and I anticipate getting a lot of use out of it this fall. It’s $49 at Madewell (in store only).

#2. Gold Bangles from Forever 21. This fulfills Item Number Seven: Gold Bangles, whoo-hoo!  Simple, straightforward, pretty great. And only $4.80 at Forever 21.

#3. vintage boots. Okay, so these weren’t exactly on my list, but they are SO great and have so much character!!  Ummm…they sort of fulfill the oxfords category? No? Whatever. They were cute, they were vintage, they were $68 at A Current Affair. Boom. I own some random vintage boots.

#4. A henley. This was Item Number Nine on the list; it’s not exactly fashion-forward, but it’s a classic fall look in a beautiful color. $39.99 at Madewell.

#5. vintage gold necklace. Yep. Another item that was not on the list that somehow made it’s way into my shopping bag. Bad necklace, bad necklace!! You are sooooo naughty, yet soooo pretty. Sigh. $30 at A Current Affair.

#6. Tweed shorts (on sale!). These were Item Number Eight and I think they’re perfect (albeit a little wrinkly in this picture). From the sale rack at Madewell for $38.

#7.  Hats!! 

Again, NOT on the list, BUT they were $5 each on sale at Urban Outfitters. 


Beat that. 


Three Hats. 

 Urban Outfitters


#8. Missoni for Target scarf. 

Again, not on the list, but Leslie snagged this for me when she waited in line for the Missoni sale at Target—I was hoping for the ballet flats (anyone have a pair they’re selling?  I wear a 7!), but there was a mad rush on shoes. Luckily she was able to snatch up the scarf for me instead:  $25.99 at Target.  Try Ebay if you like it though; Target sold out of this entire collection the day it went on sale…OKAY.

the damage so far:

$49—black & white scarf

$5—gold bangles

$68—vintage boots


$30—vintage gold necklace

$38—tweed shorts

$15—three hats

$26—purple knit scarf

TOTAL:$271Not bad for 10 items…What’s your favorite?  Any suggestions where I should look next?:)