Megan has been my friend since we were 12. 

Six years ago, she became my first close friend to have a baby and it seemed impossible and miraculous to watch her become a mother overnight. 

It somehow still seems impossible that we are mothers, and that she has two (two!) tiny beings who completely depend on her. 

She is a fantastic mother with boundless energy, one whom I look to often for inspiration, and whom I call often for advice. 

Her son turned six over the weekend, and it made me so nostalgic! 

I still remember when she brought him home from the hospital and let me come over to her house and take dozens of photos with my brand-new camera, trying out all sorts of different lenses and photography techniques. 

Her wall still boasts a few shots I took of his tiny hands and feet.  I have loved the opportunity to watch her children grow and to have the chance to photograph them, too. 

I captured the following shots a few summers ago in a seemingly unreal space of time in which a little boy’s attention was solidly focused on one thing for 30 minutes—a lifetime at that age! 

To me, they capture the essence of childhood…

Happy birthday, Carter. xoxo