I’m headed to Palm Springs for a weekend with my high school girlfriends (what?? when was the last time this happened?? WTH?), and while I was packing, I was suddenly reminded of the post-that-never-was. My last trip to Palm Springs for my 2-year wedding anniversary in May. I took great pictures, I was excited about posting about the trip… and then the next morning, my baby surprised me two weeks early. So obviously I had bigger things to worry about!! Anyway, we were there for Mimi & Mike’s wedding and it was so lovely—in honor of this weekend’s trip, I must share the photos.

omg the belly. that is all.


Lawn-bowling was a huge hit with my husband. It was especially awesome because this little old man who took lawn-bowling waaaaaaaay too seriously was so excited that young people wanted to play that he rushed the court and insisted on giving everyone proper lessons. It was hilarious and sweet. 

Really, everyone just wanted to drink and throw balls around and make fun of each other. 

Oh, well, at least he tried.

Hey, check him out!

The belly in action.

Pregnancy hormones meant that I was sleeping weird hours, so I woke up with the sun and took the opportunity to wander the grounds of Smoke Tree Ranch and photograph the rising sun lighting up the desert flora and fauna…

That evening we headed over to the ceremony…

The stunning bride…


This was such a lovely wedding filled with so much sincerity and love and warmth—all I could think about is how I hoped someday my son would marry into a family like this!


What a beautiful weekend. xoxo