Finn turned five months old yesterday (what??  how??), so I’ve decided to devote this week’s posts to the journey of decorating his nursery.

I LOVED doing this project, because you can sort of let your imagination go wild, and be inspired by things from your own childhood, and the dreams of the childhood you imagine for your own little one.

Here’s what his room looked like on the day we moved in:

The great things about the room are the coved ceilings, the amazing bay window, and the abundance of natural light. The challenge was the teeny tiny closet, but that’s pretty much it—it’s a beautiful room with a great feel to it, so I had a ton of freedom to play.

I’ve been saving inspiring clippings from home & parenting magazines for years (I’m super type-A; have you noticed? ), so I combed through the file and pulled out the things I was hoping to replicate in the nursery.

My inspiration board:I wanted the room to feel #1. modern #2. part of the rest of the house #3. Inspiring and light-hearted #4. beautiful.

I was also completely obsessed with the daybed below (I think it’s originally from the sadly now-defunct Cookie magazine), and was convinced that I absolutely needed a printed daybed in Finn’s room (preferably in orange ikat, my current crush).

I also wanted to incorporate an element from my own childhood nursery, these sweet origami birds that my mama strung on a twig over my changing table (dig the 80’s photography)...

Luckily I have a super-creative family, and two years ago at our wedding, my sister and my cousin surprised us by making 1000 paper cranes and displaying them at my ceremony.  I’d saved them in hopes of someday finding a use for them… I think I found it…

Stay tuned this week for the rest of Project Nursery!:)