We’re 3 weeks into 2010 & I’ve just landed & settled in from my first flight of the year. I’m in a chic little condo in Vancouver with INCREDIBLE views!! I promise to take pictures in the daylight to share with you all—it’s truly stunning.

In 2009 I took 36 plane flights—by far the most in one year for me EVER! I did movies in Vancouver & Washington that required me to fly back & forth multiple times- and the trip to WA required 2 planes to get there. PLUS, we honeymooned in Bora Bora and Moorea, there were trips to San Francisco, New York, etc etc… Whew.

However, even with alllll that recent travel experience…

This was the first flight for me where I didn’t stress out.

Yes, I am a self-diagnosed Travel Stress Case.

And it’s not from fear of flying.

That part I’m fine with. That doesn’t bother me.

It’s that I’m a bit of a freak for proper travel organization.

Case in point, I have gone through ****9 (!!!) suitcases in the last 2 years trying to find the ONE that makes flying feel light, easy, and well-managed. This is me in my Travel dream life:


Doesn’t she look happy?

I believe in the old-fashioned tradition of dressing up for a flight, even if it’s a red-eye. I take time to do my makeup. I feel abnormally happy when my luggage matches. I bring a good purse, a good book, and lip gloss.

I have not gone so far as to wear a hat & heels, but it’s kind of a secret fantasy of mine to do so. I once wore a pencil skirt for a train ride and sort of giddily got to live out my 1940’s ‘Strangers on a Train’ style fantasy… It was awesome. I probably just revealed a lot about my inner life.

However, most of the time I feel like a frazzled bag lady at security—taking off the boots, coat, scarf, hauling out the laptop case, laptop, camera, travel-sized clear see-thru bottles… whatever, it just always manages to feel like TOO MUCH.

Couple that with the fact that I hate to check any luggage, so I drag it allllll with me, and all 5 feet 4 inches of me is usually ready to pass out in exhaustion by the time I get to my seat.

And usually I do.


This New Year, I made a decision that I was not going to allow myself to stress out, to decide that it is just as easy to be mellow. You will still get there & you may get less gray hair on the way, which obviously, can only be a good thing. Plus I’ve been studying yoga for 12 years, and carrying calm & breath & peace into my daily existence SHOULD be something I am good at by now!

So, I thought I would share with you a couple of things that helped me on this journey…

One: The new Calvin Klein laptop bag I just bought. (I LOVE it, so this is the last one, I swear!!)

It is GREAT because it has a tight bit of fabric on the back that slips over the tall pulley thing (very technical travel terms being used here, people) of your bigger rolling suitcase so it can ride snuggly on top of it if you are only doing carry-ons. OR if you check your big suitcase, this little bag also rolls so you’re not stuck hauling your heavy laptop bag slung across your body & ruining your back (see: every other freakin flight I’ve taken!).

Two: Keep a digital list of everything you need to take when you travel. This includes things like: Camera. Camera Charger. Camera-To-Computer cord. You know, all those little things that it’s just easy to leave behind bc you’re thinking more about which clothing you have to bring. I have a Mac, so I keep my list in the ‘Notes’ section of the Mailbox, which means I can check it anywhere I go. Makes packing go much quicker.

Three: I have a Beauty Bag packed at all times. This is tiny sizes of all the products I use on a daily basis, (or, let’s be honest, cute little trial sizes of things that I take from hotels or yank out of magazines at the doctor’s office), plus things like Claritin, Dramamine & Advil—emergency-comfort things that can just be hard to find right when you need them. During the trip, if I run out of anything, or find a need to add something new, I make a note to add it to the beauty bag & I do that RIGHT when I get home from my trip. That way it’s completely ready to go for my next trip, because you never know when one will sneak up on you!!

Four: I also have a ‘plane kit’ that I approach the same way. Here’s a little (blurry iPhone photo) peek inside mine:


Things that are absolutely key in my Travel Kit:

headphones: I just always forget them otherwise. this way I never have to think about them.

lip balm, eye drops, Advil & lotion: Obvious.

vitamin C: Travel Germs.

floss: I love these little brush/floss/toothpick things!! A makeup artist on set introduced them to me and I love them! Very versatile.

deodorant: because a girl want to stay fresh. Degree. Wink! ( I should work in advertising…)

—I also take this little bag w me to work on set.

Five: I got this adorable little travel journal for Christmas from my parents! I love it, and it TOTALLY fits into the Fantasy Travel Version of myself. I love my parents for being able to see this side of me and indulge her whimsical taste… Inside it has organizational stickers, cute little pockets to keep receipts, and each page looks interesting & different—LOVE.


I leave again soon to return back to LA, and am going to attempt another low-stress, enjoyable flight. I will go to the gym in the morning. I will pack leisurely while listening to a little Madeline Peyroux to set the mood. I will trust that I have sufficient travel experience, lists, and products to survive a 2 hour flight.

And I will have a glass of wine while reading a favorite book & ENJOYING my alone-time at the airport.