Hey, guys! This weekend I went to Vegas for the first annual Hardbat Ping-Pong Championship. I was interested b/c my Dad has held a weekly table tennis game for as long as I can remember. He & his buddies are really, really, REALLY good, so I have a strong affinity and respect for the sport & thought it would be great to fly out and see the pros. I’m hoping next year I can bring my Dad out with me and see how he fares in the competition. Actually, maybe I should ask him to coach me—I couldn’t believe how professional the players were- they had jackets, coaches, special rituals- lemme tell you; it was SERIOUS. I met All-Stars Mitch and Tall, who were both great guys and great pong players, and the ever-so-talented Judah Frielander hosted the event brilliantly. My hubby and I stayed at the Venetian (which I always love!), and just enjoyed a really fantastic get-away weekend together! This week it’s back to work—which I’ll post more on later! xo Autumn Here’s one picture from the event, and you can see more on the Photos page!