I loved watching the Oscars last night! We’ve been holding an Oscar party every year, and this was our 8th annual Oscar bash- and I finally won the betting pool! Last night was a good one. I thought Hugh Jackman’s opening number was fantastic!! I could not stop laughing, and I was reminded of how great musicals can be when they are done well. Wasn’t such a fan of the top hat number, maybe a little too old-school-musical for me… I thought everyone looked gorgeous, and since we live very close to the theater, it’s always surreal to hear all the news helicopters circling overhead and see the streets blocked off. How great is Tim Gunn? I love that they had him on the red carpet… And I loooovvvved Penelope Cruz’s gorgeous white vintage Balmain dress!!! Fabulous- maybe I should ask her if I can borrow it for my wedding- it would make a fantastic wedding gown! PC.jpg Hope you all have a fantastic week! xo Autumn