Hi, guys, If you’re still looking for holiday gifts, a great one is to sponsor a pet at Best Friends Animal Society! Best Friends is the largest no-kill animal society in the US, and is a WONDERFUL organization that I do a lot of work with. If you saw ‘Dogtown’ on TV this year, you saw some of the amazing work they did rehabilitating the Michael Vick dogs, many of which other organizations had given up on. Go to bestfriends.org/ to learn more & watch some of the episodes!

For around $25, you (or a friend) can be the ‘angel’ to an animal in need. Last year I sponsored a beautiful golden retriever named Brooke as a gift to my little sister. Best Friends emailed her updates on Brooke’s status, and she got a particularly joyful one on the day Brooke was adopted by a family. You can even choose to send special treats & toys to ‘your’ dog throughout the year, which can be really fun. More info is here.

For inspiration, here are some shots of my visit to the shelter in Utah two years ago!!!!

If you do decide to sponsor an animal, let me know his/her name, and I’ll send them their own box of treats and toys to say “Thank You” to you for helping out such an incredible organization!!!