The Charge: One Night Will Change Their Lives Forever.

Opening Statement: Fronted by three young filmmakers from Palo Alto, California, Palo Alto is the feature debut of writer/director Brad Leong, writer Tony Vallone, and producer Daniel Engelhardt. Shot on location in the city of Palo Alto, the film aspires to offer a realistic examination of today’s young adults.

Facts of the Case: On the last night of their Thanksgiving holiday, four college freshmen enjoy a night out in their hometown of Palo Alto. Following an after-hours visit to their old high school and a run-in with the school security, the four friends say their goodbyes and head home. Or so they think.

Alec (Aaron Ashmore, Smallville) meets up with an older member of his college fraternity. Though a mutual admiration and a sharing of stories initially fuel their friendship, Alec is soon drawn into a situation that leads him to question his loyalties.

Ryan (Justin Mentell, Boston Legal) heads out to see Audrey, a young girl he hooks up with whenever he is back home. Though Ryan is interested in Audrey only for the physical relationship they share, Audrey hopes for more, and her reaction to Ryan’s frank admission on how he views her sets off a series of events that give Ryan reason to reconsider what is truly important.

Patrick (Ben Savage, Boy Meets World) is the most cocksure of the four friends, and has his whole future planned out ahead of him. But a visit to his long-term girlfriend sees Patrick’s world come crashing down around him.

Nolan (Johnny Lewis, One Missed Call), guided by the wisdom of his old school bus driver, is thrown together with a young girl, Jaime, and takes his first steps on the path of young love.

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