Hello! It’s my first blog of my new website! I am so excited to have it up and running JUST in time to keep you all posted on the 2 movies I have coming out this summer! There will be lots of updates & inside scoop & hopefully pictures (if I can figure out how to post them)! I consider myself technologically savvy, and yet, computers often seem to suffer small meltdowns in my hands, so here’s hoping I avoid that!! I’ll start you off with a list of the websites I’m frequenting lately: www.imdbpro.com (for actor’s/producers negotiation updates), www.etsy.com (an amazing handmade shopping site!), www.weddingbee.com (my current favorite blogging site), www.anthropologie.com (cute clothes right now) and www.Netflix.com (I’ve been watching a lot of old movies). If I find any other new & exciting sites, I’ll post them—you do the same! I’m looking forward to being able to keep in touch with you all & keep you updated on all the latest!

xo, Autumn