Thank you for all the well-wishes on ‘Valentine’!! I’ll let you guys know when I have any updates on it—watch again this Sunday at 8 for a fun ‘Bollywood’-style episode! Some random multi-media things: I want to find a little free time tonight to play ‘Katamari’ on the XBox—kind of obsessed with it! Has anyone played it? I even taught it to my mom when she was visiting me recently, and it was really cute to see her playing a videogame. I just joined my friend’s book club, where we’re assigned to read ‘Away’, ‘Murder of a Medici Princess’, and ‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’. I read that last one a couple years ago, loved it, and cannot wait to see the movie with Rachel McAdams (love her!)! Have to get started on the other two… Anyone read them? I heard today there’s a movie being made out of ‘On The Road’—I would love to be a part of that film, so I’m trying to get the scoop about how I can get in on it… There aren’t many films at all being made currently, but at least there are some good ones out in the theater—‘Rachel Getting Married’ looks great, I’ll try to get to that one this weekend…xo, Autumn